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Former U.S. Science Envoy: The Tone Of Climate Talks Is Now 'Quite Grim'

Sun, 2018/12/09 - 3:23pm

NPR's Michel Martin talks with Daniel Kammen, former science envoy to the State Department, about the U.N. climate talks being held in Poland.

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Fire-Resistant Is Not Fire-Proof, California Homeowners Discover

Sun, 2018/12/09 - 5:52am

California has some of the strictest building codes in the country for homes built in areas with wildfire risk. But recent fires show that even the most fire-resistant homes will burn.

(Image credit: Noah Berger/AP)

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How A Shorter Sea Ice Season Is Changing Life In The Arctic

Sun, 2018/12/09 - 5:52am

Climate change is so dramatic in northern Alaska that the effects on hunting and erosion are very real to people who've lived their whole lives there.

(Image credit: Ravenna Koenig / Alaska's Energy Desk)

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After Devastating Fire, Ventura Residents Push To Get Back Home For The Holidays

Fri, 2018/12/07 - 2:30pm

"My wife is absolutely obsessed that she's ready for Christmas," Ed Fuller says. "Last Christmas, we sort of lost."

(Image credit: Stephanie O'Neill for NPR)

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World's First Insect Vaccine Could Help Bees Fight Off Deadly Disease

Fri, 2018/12/07 - 12:45pm

American foulbrood is an infectious disease that devastates honeybee hives. Scientists say they've created a vaccine for it, despite a big hurdle: Bees don't have antibodies.

(Image credit: Bernadett Szabo/Reuters)

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Friday News Roundup - International

Fri, 2018/12/07 - 9:06am

Who among us has not thought to sail through international waters, blaring our national anthem?

(Image credit: PASCAL GUYOT/AFP/Getty Images)

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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Fri, 2018/12/07 - 8:06am

Flynn-sanity. Also, other news.

(Image credit: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

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Jessi Arrington: How Can Thrifting Clothes Help The Environment — And Your Style?

Fri, 2018/12/07 - 7:28am

Fast fashion is wreaking havoc on the environment. That's why Jessi Arrington makes a point of (almost) never buying anything new. She explains how she builds a sustainable wardrobe that looks great.

(Image credit: Michael Brands/TED)

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David Katz: How Can We Address Ocean Plastic Pollution And Poverty At The Same Time?

Fri, 2018/12/07 - 7:28am

Millions of tons of plastic flow into the ocean each year. David Katz's Plastic Bank helps turn off the tap — and gives the poor an income source — creating a circular economy around plastic waste.

(Image credit: Russell Edwards/TED)

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Kate Orff: How Can Oysters Revive New York City's Waterways?

Fri, 2018/12/07 - 7:28am

Oysters filter water, their shells form protective reefs and habitats, and regenerate into more oyster shells. Kate Orff uses oysters to revive depleted ecosystems — like those around New York City.

(Image credit: James Duncan Davidson/TED)

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Tristram Stuart: Can Feeding Scraps To Livestock Help Tackle The Food Waste Crisis?

Fri, 2018/12/07 - 7:28am

Our industrial food system is doing serious damage to our planet and food waste is a rampant problem. Tristram Stuart offers one strategy to combat food waste: cook scraps and feed them to livestock.

(Image credit: Dafydd Jones/TED)

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Kate Raworth: How Can We Create A Thriving Economy For Ourselves And The Planet?

Fri, 2018/12/07 - 7:28am

We're often told that economic growth is good, but Kate Raworth says our addiction to growth is destroying the planet. To thrive in the 21st century, she says we need a new circular economic system.

(Image credit: Bret Hartman/TED)

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Not So Sweet: Climate Change Means Slow-Growing Sugar Maples, Study Finds

Fri, 2018/12/07 - 6:02am

If the snowpack keeps dwindling around northeastern maple trees, it's possible that by the end of the century, proper conditions for making maple syrup might no longer exist, a new study suggests.

(Image credit: Jonathan Lesage/Getty Images)

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Trump Administration Aims to Boost Energy Production, Cut Protections for Sage Grouse

Thu, 2018/12/06 - 3:15pm

The Interior Department is moving forward on revisions to Obama-era conservation plans for the greater sage grouse. The changes would ease restrictions on energy development.

(Image credit: Tom Koerner/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

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Trump's EPA Plans To Ease Carbon Emissions Rule For New Coal Plants

Thu, 2018/12/06 - 2:22pm

The Trump administration wants to reverse a rule that would have required new coal plants to have expensive technology to capture their carbon dioxide emissions.

(Image credit: Branden Camp/AP)

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California Gives Final OK To Require Solar Panels On New Houses

Thu, 2018/12/06 - 7:58am

Single and small multi-family homes must include solar panels starting in 2020. Recent extreme weather events such as wildfires and drought make the need clear, a state official says.

(Image credit: Rich Pedroncelli/AP)

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Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Up Again. What Now, Climate?

Wed, 2018/12/05 - 3:24pm

The fortuitous dip in emissions of the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, during the past three years is over, as economies turn up. The trend in the near future looks grim, say climate scientists.

(Image credit: Christian Petersen-Clausen/Getty Images)

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Fishermen Sue Big Oil For Its Role In Climate Change

Tue, 2018/12/04 - 6:02am

The food industry is already feeling the effects of climate change, which will likely force expensive adaptations in the future. At least one sector is looking to make energy companies pay.

(Image credit: Michael Melford/Getty Images)

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'Retreat' Is Not An Option As A California Beach Town Plans For Rising Seas

Tue, 2018/12/04 - 3:02am

Tens of millions of U.S. homes are threatened by rising seas. Communities across the country are planning for that future, but there are challenges to even having the discussion.

(Image credit: Art Wager/Getty Images)

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South Texas Butterfly Sanctuary Threatened By Trump's Border Wall

Mon, 2018/12/03 - 3:23pm

Construction on the first new stretch of border wall under the Trump administration is slated to begin this winter. In South Texas, the wall will cut right through a butterfly sanctuary.

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