Bicycling = Work and Freedom

Chained to Work poster

While I prefer multiple gears and brakes on both wheels (as opposed to fixies with a front brake only) I do agree the message of this poster.

'Biking is work. You are the engine.

  Your legs pump the pedals that rotate the sprocket. Its teeth grab the chain, rotating the back wheel, and you are fearlessly propelled forward. Gyroscopic and centrifugal forces help keep you balanced, all while you swerve, turn and switch gears.

  The work makes you sweat, makes your heart rate increase. Your chest heaves and your mouth becomes dry. You fight through blisters, scrapes and weather, but you form calluses, become stronger and your metabolism grows faster. You are determined to keep moving.

  You realize it is not work at all. It is freedom. Liberation from traffic, paying for gas, waiting in line with commuters, or trying to find parking. Instead, you ride above pedestrians, passing traffic with the wind in your hair. You glide to your destination, awaiting your next return to the saddle.'

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