Fridge Archeology : Harnessing the Power Within ... My Pantry!


I wish I could say I made something virtuous with the last of the buckwheat flour. You know something like...porridge. But I made gluten-free chocolate waffles and maybe you should too. In fact, it was a two-fer. I pulled down the bag of random bags of flour because yes, I live and die by the zip-top freezer gallon size bags. I dig for the buckwheat and I look inside and go hmmmm. Not quite enough for the recipe but have no fear! I have yet another random whole grain flour with which to supplement. I once made teff brownies from Alice Medrich's fantastic Flavour Flours and they turned out great so ok, teff works with cocoa. And I only have teff flour because it was in the clearance bin at the store and Kim Boyce's Good to the Grain had several tasty sounding teff flour recipes. Have I made any of them? No I have not, but I've been looking at the Teff Flour Date Nut Bread recipe for a good long time. Anyhoo, I topped off the cup measure with teff and it still ended up quite tasty. Not too sweet, great with bananas and peanut butter and surprisingly sustaining. Usually, waffles hold me for two hours tops, but perhaps the flax seed or the teff (the grain that professional runners from Ethiopia swear by) have magic powers of perfect breakfastness.

Bon Appetit's Gluten-Free Chocolate Buckwheat Waffles