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Microplastic toxins leave shellfish at mercy of predators - research

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2018/11/27 - 5:01pm

Chemical cocktail suppresses periwinkles’ ability to avoid crabs and disrupts food chain

Toxins leaching from microplastics leave shellfish at the mercy of predators, research has found. The chemicals completely suppress the ability of the periwinkles to detect and avoid the crabs that eat them.

Microplastics plague the world’s rivers and oceans and absorb poisonous chemicals from the water. Previous work has shown mussels are harmed by these toxins when they eat microplastics, but the latest study is the first to show disruption of the relationship between predator and prey. This is likely to disrupt the entire food chain, researchers say.

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Why There Are Challenges To Doing More Prescribed Burns As Part Of Forest Management

NPR News - Environment - Tue, 2018/11/27 - 3:31pm

Prescribed burns — that is, setting fires on purpose — are one way to try and keep wildfires in check. But there are challenges to doing a lot more of them.

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It's all in the details...

The Field Lab - Tue, 2018/11/27 - 3:10pm
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Climate report Trump tried to bury: key findings No 2 – some action is far better than none

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2018/11/27 - 2:41pm

In part two of our series on the climate report Trump tried to bury over Thanksgiving, we look at its arguments for lowering emissions

The Trump administration published a major report on climate change the day after Thanksgiving. We will explore the key findings each day this week.

Donald Trump doesn’t believe his own government’s major report on climate change – which the administration tried to bury over the Thanksgiving break. It warns that rising temperatures are already harming America and will cause huge damage globally. The Guardian will explore key findings from the report each day this week.

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Supreme court rules against endangered dusky gopher frog

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2018/11/27 - 1:20pm

Court ruled in favor of landowners seeking to limit power to designate private land as protected habitat for species

The US supreme court on Tuesday decided against the interests of a warty amphibian and handed a victory to a timber company and other landowners in the first major move on the environment from the bench this term.

The court ruled in favor of the commercial interests seeking to limit the federal government’s power to designate private land as protected habitat for endangered species, in a property rights case involving the dusky gopher frog.

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Amid Layoffs, An American Automotive Institution Tries To Change

NPR News - Environment - Tue, 2018/11/27 - 8:06am

America's largest automaker, General Motors, says it wants to eliminate costs and concentrate on electric and self-driving vehicles.

(Image credit: LARS HAGBERG/AFP/Getty Images)

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Civil rights 'under serious attack' across the globe

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2018/11/27 - 6:06am

More than half of countries use censorship, harassment or violence to repress public debate, warns a report

Nearly six in 10 countries are seriously restricting people’s freedoms, according to a new report that warns of a growing repression around the world.

According to the study, there is little or no space for activism in countries such as Eritrea and Syria, and also worrying signs in countries where democracy is considered well established, such as France, the US, Hungary and India.

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#MyClimateQuestions: experts and youth leaders respond – as it happened

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2018/11/27 - 12:50am

School students plan to go on strike in protest against inaction on climate change. Whether you approve of the strike or not, you were invited to submit questions here to be answered by climate experts and young campaigners. This blog is now closed – thanks for being part of #MyClimateQuestions

7.50am GMT

Thank you everyone, this has been one of the most rewarding, illuminating blogs I’ve had the joy of running.

Thanks to our panellists: Bill Hare, Simon Holmes à Court, Amanda McKenzie, Laura Sykes and Piper Albrecht. And thanks to my colleague Lisa Cox.

7.33am GMT

And one last question, from Sunny Adcock:

If I am currently 18, do you think that within my lifetime there is hope of preventing climate change? Realistically what is the best and worse case scenario of what may happen within my lifetime?

Yes there definitely is hope.

The best case is getting onto a 1.5C pathway, in which case, by the time you turn 50 scientists might be saying that global warming peaked in the 2040s. By the time you are 100, it could be 1.3C or lower and on the way down.

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Paradise lost: the town incinerated by California's deadliest wildfire – video

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2018/11/27 - 12:00am

Paradise, California, was a slice of heaven for those who lived there – until they lost everything in California’s worst wildfire. The Camp fire wiped out the town, killed at least 85 people, and scorched 150,000 acres. But in the face of a dark new reality, shellshocked residents are displaying resilience

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WA government lifts statewide fracking ban

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 11:17pm

Premier Mark McGowan defies protesters, farmers and MPs to allow controversial drilling, which he says will create jobs

Western Australian premier Mark McGowan has lifted a statewide moratorium on fracking amid intense opposition from large parts of the community.

The controversial drilling practice, which fractures the ground to release trapped gas, will now be allowed on existing titles and subject to veto by Aboriginal groups and farmers.

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End of an era as Ireland closes its peat bogs 'to fight climate change'

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 10:00pm

Shift to renewables is too late say campaigners as peatlands will still emit greenhouse gases

When the semi-state company that harvests Ireland’s peatlands recently announced the closure of 17 bogs, the news was greeted as the end of an era. Turning the soggy landscape that covers much of Ireland’s midlands into a fuel source had been a great national project, an ambitious undertaking launched by the republic’s founding fathers in the 1930s. Draining and cutting hundreds of thousands of hectares of turf on an industrial scale generated desperately needed jobs and reduced dependence on oil imports for almost a century.

So there was some nostalgia last month when Bord na Móna, the peat-harvesting company, announced it was closing 17 of its “active bogs” and would close the remaining 45 within seven years. Nostalgia but also acceptance, given the growing awareness that harvesting peat emits greenhouse gases that worsen climate change, requiring a shift to renewable energy. “Decarbonisation is the biggest challenge facing this planet,” said Tom Donnellan, the company’s chief executive.

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Julia Banks quits Liberal party as Morrison announces April budget – politics live

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 9:16pm

MP says she stands for ‘sensible centre liberal values’ as she defects to crossbench to become independent. The prime minister’s budget announcement paves way for May election. All the day’s events, live

4.16am GMT

Annnnnd question time ends. The government scatters.

Michael McCormack and Christopher Pyne share a moment over some procedural thing.

4.12am GMT

Scott Morrison is gathering his folders, so this is almost over.

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Great Pacific garbage patch swimmer forced to stop after nearly 3,000km

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 6:03pm

Storm-damaged support ship means Ben Lecomte, 50, has to divert to Hawaii

A French-American plastic pollution campaigner has given up his attempt to swim across the Pacific ocean after a storm broke the mainsail of his support ship, organisers have said.

Ben Lecomte had completed about 2,780km (1,500 nautical miles) of the 9,260km (5,000-nautical mile) journey. The trip was to take him through 1,600km of the “Great Pacific garbage patch”, in an attempt to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

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Bonita Mabo: tributes pour in for 'mother of native title'

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 4:40pm

South Sea Islander hailed for her ‘powerful contribution’ to reconciliation in Australia

Tributes are flowing for the “matriarch of reconciliation”, Bonita Mabo, an activist and reconciliation advocate in her own right who was the wife of the land rights champion Eddie “Koiki” Mabo. She has died in Townsville, surrounded by her family, at the age of 85.

The Aboriginal social justice commissioner, June Oscar, described Mabo as “gentle, stoic and loving. I will always remember her as the mother of native title. Her legacy lives on in our continuing fight for land and sea rights.”

Australia’s South Sea Islander community said: “Aunty Bonita’s contribution to social justice and human rights for First Nations people and the Australian South Sea Islander recognition was monumental and relentless.

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New U.S. Climate Assessment Forecasts Dire Effects On Economy, Health

NPR News - Environment - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 2:59pm

The Trump administration released a major climate assessment on Black Friday. It is the most detailed and blunt assessment yet of the dangers of unchecked global warming.

(Image credit: Kathleen Ronayne/AP)

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Super-Fast Shipping Comes With High Environmental Costs

NPR News - Environment - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 2:45pm

Getting your online purchase delivered at home in just two days puts more polluting vehicles on the road. M. Sanjayan, the CEO of Conservation International, explains what that means for the planet.

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How air pollution could end up killing you

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 2:31pm

The Trump administration published a major report on climate change the day after Thanksgiving. We will explore the key findings each day this week

Donald Trump doesn’t believe his own government’s major report on climate change – which the administration tried to bury over the Thanksgiving break. It warns that rising temperatures are already harming America and will cause huge damage globally.

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Trump on own administration's climate report: 'I don't believe it'

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 2:13pm

Administration has tried to downplay dire findings of the National Climate Assessment, released the day after Thanksgiving

Donald Trump has told reporters he doesn’t believe his own government’s climate change findings that the US economy will suffer substantially with continued warming from greenhouse gas pollution.

“I’ve seen it, I’ve read some of it, and it’s fine,” he said outside the White House on Monday. “I don’t believe it.”

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a monday matinee...

The Field Lab - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 10:53am
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Arsenal leads charge into battery power at Emirates Stadium

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/11/26 - 6:00am

Club is first in UK to use large-scale system with capacity to last an entire match

Arsenal has become the UK’s first football club to install large-scale battery energy storage, in a bid to cut electricity costs and support green energy.

Tucked in the basement of the Emirates, the system is capable of powering the 60,000-seat stadium for an entire match, or the equivalent of 2,700 homes for two hours.

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